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No two businesses are alike, and we strongly believe that no other HR firm is like us. That’s because we take a hands-on, high touch, flexible and personal approach to not only HR outsourcing but also the employee development that no other firm can match. Our company philosophy is simple “no job is too difficult to fill” and “no job-seeker should be left behind”.

Our focus and commitment is on helping you find the right talent to succeed and enhance your revenue. That’s why we will work hand-in-hand with employers and job-seekers to provide them with personalized HR solutions that fit right with their needs. We proactively present superior candidates to our employer clients and growth opportunities to registered job-seekers. Our commitment to you is that we work to foster long term relationships with all our clients. We will diligently collaborate to understand your needs so that we can keep our relationship both thriving and growing 


An emerging leader in Talent Management industry. We are rapidly emerging as a reputable partner in identifying and recruiting talented professionals for our client organizations in various industries.

If you are seeking a premier provider of talent with experience in multiple industries, the team at SUS Talent Management posses an unmatched breadth of industry experience and connections.  We deliver the highest quality recruiting services in Ontario for various industries while specializing within the manufacturing, aerospace and financial industries.  Our goal is “We connect you with the best people for the job”.

If you are seeking a role in manufacturing, aerospace and financial sector, that will give you rewarding future, you are in the right place.  At SUS Talent we give our carefully selected candidates the professional treatment they deserve.  Our goal is “We connect you with the Right Opportunity”.  Check our testimonials and see for yourself.

Job Seekers

Our philosophy is “There is no job too difficult to fill” AND “No Candidate will be Left Behind”

As a trusted talent provider in Ontario, we believe in fostering professional development and career advancement.  Simply put, we know a well done job is more about the person doing the job, so when we work with you we make sure that we get to know you as a person.


Our goal is “We connect you with the best people for the job”.

At SUS Talent, our team of recruitment professionals have proven experience, extensive industry knowledge and far-reaching connections.  When it comes to identifying and sourcing the best talent for our clients, we pride ourselves on being relentless, efficient and accurate.


Sunil Kumar; Vice President
Novo Plastics Inc.
Dinesh Sharma at SUS talent Management is an outstanding Senior HR leader, Mentor and coach with extensive experience in all areas of HR, Dinesh has excellent and extensive knowledge of the industry and has a large network of highly professional candidates for all levels to support manufacturing and service Industry. If you are a job seeker, I highly recommend using Dinesh Sharma‘s services as he will definitely guide you through your career journey process, and if you are company looking to hire or in need of HR related training, system setup , support etc. I strongly recommend SUS talent management and its great team.
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Sammy Rajpal; Operations Planner
Ram Plastics Inc
You’ve heard it stated that a straight line is the shortest distance between two points. Considering this concept isn’t always easy when addressing HR issues in business with the ultimate goal of improving the bottom line, however, SUS Talent finds us the best matches for openings we have and work with a sense of urgency. They send us quality employees to interview and hire and provide customized solutions to solve specific business issues. Organizations achieve the highest level of performance when they are staffed with the right people, and SUS Talent is helping us do that.
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