CNC Operator

Newmarket, ON · Manufacturing

CNC Operator reports to an assigned shift supervisor. Primary duties include but are not
limited to the operations of CNC equipment as well as any associated task required to
facilitate these operations such as tool setup, part setup, inspection, programming (analysis,
posting, adjustments, etc.), and reporting.
As CNC Operator you will be expected to parallel your work hours with a personal investment
in both theoretical studies as well as skills development. Assignments will be issued on an
ongoing basis. Assignment topics as well as scope will be catered towards achieving specific
personal development goals. Progress will be managed through one to one meetings with an
assigned coach. Hours equivalent to 25% of your working hours must be dedicated towards
personal development in order to maintain a position as a Junior/Trainee capacity. Failure to
comply with this standard will be cause for dismissal.
Reporting responsibilities consist of a daily time entry, quality records, as well as monthly
report outlining progress towards personal development goals. All reporting must be
presented in professional clear and concise manner, outlining relevant information, key
successes and/or failures, any deviations from plan, relevant action items, as well as neat and

Key Relationships
Internally: All employees and managers
Externally: Suppliers, Customers, Delivery Personnel, Auditors, and Consultants.

Personal Leadership – Employee satisfaction and effectiveness represent the greatest
opportunity for success and/or failure in any organization. Satisfied employees will lead to
higher levels of employee engagement, reductions in unplanned attrition, which all leads to
improvement in bottom line performance both short-term and long. In order to create an
environment which nurtures high levels of employee satisfaction, each and every employee
must take ownership in working towards this objective. Following is a list of ideals which you
will be measured by:
 Professionalism – means behaving in a manner which is positive, respectful, and
intelligent. Professionals respond to circumstances in a controlled methodical
manner. Directed profanities, or elevated tempers are not acceptable as they do not
promote an environment we wish to maintain.
 Attendance and Punctuality are critical components of personal leadership. Failure to
maintain consistency in either of these measures will lead to dismissal.
 Engagement in staff meetings, or group forums which offer employees the
opportunity to make suggestions, observations, as well as suggestions. Special
attention must be considered to separate general complaining from observations
accompanied by thoughtful suggestions.
 Understand, promote both through actions and word the corporate goals and vision.
 Promote safety awareness, behaviour, and discipline within your environment.
Facility Management – Clean, Safe, and well functioning facilities contribute to overall
success with Employees, Customers, and Efficiencies. Every employee must take personal
responsibility for maintaining an environment which enable these objectives. A simple
personal measure is to leave anything and everything better and cleaner than you’ve found it.

Health and Safety – Participate in ensuring health and safety goals set out by the Joint
Health and Safety Committee.

CNC Operations and Programmer functions ensure that products manufactured within our
facility are manufactured within the specified standard, within estimated time allowance,
and meeting the customer delivery objectives. Therefore measures of success will include but
are not limited to delivery performance, cost of poor quality, as well as customer satisfaction
 Compliance with manufacturing processes, documentation as per the AS9001
 Ensure that products and services are manufactured to required specifications.
Specification is defined by the customer criteria, quality standards, on-time deliveries,
and within cost allocation.
 Monitor for overruns, quality deviations. Report instances where projects don’t meet
target and any actions taken at the time of reporting.

Continuous Improvement – A key success factor is the ability to compete globally through
the implementation for progressive manufacturing systems. As times continue to change with
respect to technologies, cost of technologies, availability of skilled labour, and competition
both globally and locally it’s imperative that we remain vigilant in our efforts to maintaining
competitive superiority. Success will be measured through your contribution as well as your
personal development.

 Maintain complete knowledge of and compliance with company and departmental
policies and procedures.
 Maintain related knowledge of health & safety policies & procedures.
 Maintain relevant professional knowledge by research, training workshops, and
continuous education.
 Maintain client, employee and company confidence by keeping information
 Maintain a positive working relationship with team members and management as part
of a team.

 Read and interpret engineering drawings, blueprints, charts and tables or study
sample parts to determine machining operation to be performed, and plan best
sequence of operations
 Read and interpret engineering drawings, blueprints, charts and tables or study
sample parts to determine machining operation to be performed, and plan best
sequence of operations
 Compute dimensions and tolerances and measure and lay out work pieces
 Set up, operate and maintain a variety of machine tools including computer
numerically controlled (CNC) tools to perform precision, non-repetitive machining
operations such as sawing, turning, milling, boring, planing, drilling, precision
grinding and other operations
 Fit and assemble machined metal parts and subassemblies using hand and power
 Verify dimensions of products for accuracy and conformance to specifications using
precision measuring instruments
 May set up and program machine tools for use by machining tool operators.
 Verify dimensions of machined parts or tooling using micrometers, verniers, callipers,
height gauges, optical comparators, coordinate measuring machines (CMM) or other
specialized measuring instruments
 Report deviations from specifications and tolerances to supervisor
 Complete and maintain inspection reports.

Accountability while performing the job:
 Ensure you live up to corporate vision, mission and short term goals
 Planning and execution of short and long term goals and initiatives
 Facility safety, security, and maintenance
 Equipment safety, security, and maintenance
 Customer satisfaction through on time delivery, quality product and presentation

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