We will help you screen, foster, and select the

The SUS Talent Management value proposition

SUS Talent Management consistently sends only the best candidates to the client for positions we are mandated to fill. Candidates must meet the technical, attitudinal and cultural specifications as determined though the needs assessment. Most importantly candidates must meet the client’s team requirements and be passionate about the client’s brand(s).


Permanent Placement

When you want to hire a permanent employee, SUS Talent Management Solutions uses our knowledge of your company and the specific needs of a position to interview and assess each candidate before presenting you with a short list.  Our goal is to provide you with the right person the first time and help that person become a part of your organization swiftly and seamlessly.

Temporary / Contract

When you need specialized talent for short-term projects or a quick, flexible hiring option, where you can terminate assignments at any time, SUS Talent Management can find you the expertise you need, for however, long you need it.  We establish the employee relationship and manage all administrative activities and costs.