Frequently asked questions

Partnering with us for your recruitment needs can help alleviate the obstacles many employers face when hiring.

Our team of HR experts are equipped to undertake the recruiting process on your behalf and take the stress out of hiring.

We’ll deliver pre-screened, qualified candidate for your business so you can get the right person into the right role.  It is all about finding the “Right Fit”.

If you are interested in working with SUS Talent Management, please fill out our “Employer Request Form” letting us know what type of talent you are currently seeking.  A hiring specialist will be in touch with you soon.

Although our specialization is “ office and administration, customer services, Manufacturing & Aerospace, logistics, skilled trade, finance & human resources Industries”, however, with the depth of experience of our recruiting team, we are able to create a targeted hiring strategy no matter what industry you are looking to hire in. 

We are experts at recruiting and hiring.  With a total work experience of more than 100 years of our recruiting team and having worked with multiple companies across Canada, we have a deep understanding of current job market and labour trends in key Canadian industries.  Using our wealth of experience as a guide, we develop a custom hiring strategy for each and every client that maximizes hiring efficiency.

SUS find talent in a variety of ways.  We have extensive database of prescreened candidates that we can draw from.  However, our recruiting team may also seek out qualified candidates through a variety of mediums online and off.

We can deliver the first short-listed candidate for most roles within 48-72 hours of commencing our search.

You can contact us about your hiring needs using our “Employer Contact Form” and we will be in touch with you immediately.  If you would rather speak with a consultant directly, you can call our office directly.

There is no single answer to this question, as it depends on the industry you are hiring for, the current market demand and a variety of other factors.  However, once you settle on fill date with our consultant, we will go above and beyond to ensure we meet your deadline.

Our retention rate is amongst the highest in the industry.  Our company philosophy is “Making a Right Fit”. We want our clients to be satisfied that you have found an employee that is the right long-term for their company.

What are some of your questions that you have been wondering about in your own search? Send us an email at