Good Morning everyone,

I have been reading a lot of negative posts recently about Recruiters saying that Recruiters post fake jobs, they don’t return the call etc.

Although I am not countering any of the statements that have been made. Here are some of my perspectives

1. Not all Recruiters are same. Some Recruiters may be posting the job ads to attract resumes. However professional recruiters don’t do it. Many times, employers either cancel the job order they give to recruiter or put it on hold or fill it with internal candidates.

2. For each job order, a recruiter is working with multiple candidates to find the “Right Fit” candidate for the role and they are working on multiple job orders. The good recruiters keep in touch with “Right Fit” candidates in addition to keeping in touch with current clients (employers) and potential clients. Many times, they are waiting to hear from Hiring Managers and they don’t have the update on the candidate they have submitted.

i can write a lot in support of Recruiters. I hope you all will give due credit to Recruiters since they are working hard to help you find your next role.