Newcomers to Canada

I have been reading a lot of posts these days especially from Newcomers to Canada about the challenges being faced by them in finding a suitable employment in Canada.

Here are my two cents:

1. If you uproot a tree and plant it at another place, with all things being equal, it will still take atleast one season to uphold the roots again.

2. The COVID-19 hit all of us very hard this year across the globe. Many businesses were closed down and many individuals those who have been in the jobs for many years, lost their jobs. I have been hearing about job losses in many countries across the globe. Canada is no exception also. The good part is we are on path of recovery as a lot of jobs have been recovered.

3. This may sound philosophical. However, “Extraordinary situations requires Extraordinary thinking”. See not only what but how you can get your feet wet during this situation. I read a quote from one of my friends this morning and it said “Beside Gravity, nothing can keep me down”.

If there is anything I can do to help anyone, you can reach out to me through Linkedin or email me at
This morning, we are organizing a Mentorship information session for the newcomers.

Have a wonderful week ahead, everyone.