Power of Habits!!!

On Monday, March 16, at the beginning COVID-19, everyone was asked to stay home. We heard from experts that it will be mid to end July for things to start returning to normal. We saw posts on social media from experts encouraging everyone to follow a routine, in order to avoid stress and anxiety.

At that time, I said to myself, what is routine & what will be our new routine? Routine is a accumulation of tasks that we do on a regular basis, which then becomes habits. Routine is simple to make but not easy to follow. Because what is simple, is not easy to follow, as it gets pushed to next day or the next day.

I was one of the few blessed professionals, who had a full time job and was working from home. Then I calculated with everything remaining equal, I will be saving 4 hours of commute time daily, which will be 80 hours in a month and 320 hours in 4 months. That is a lot of extra time at my disposal. I started developing new habits, like learning new skills, giving back to community, building new partnership for our business and lastly spending more time with my family.

Today, on Friday, July 17, when I look back, I feel satisfied that the extra time that I had was very well spent.

How did you spend your time in last 4 months? Let us share.